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Brighton Collectibles


For the past 3 years Brighton Collectibles in Garland, Texas has supported WAWELA Cancer support through the Power of Pink Campaign which is held through out the month of October. 

With their continued support we are able to fulfill our mission to provide financial  assistance to those who need it most.

Brighton Collectibles 2017 POP charm bracelet


Brighton designers make sure that, besides generating donations to charities, that their Power of Pink bracelets are beautiful to wear and inspiring to the women who wear them. 

Brighton Collectibles - Firewheel Mall

270 Cedar Sage Dr, Garland, TX 75040

(972) 675-8108  

WAWELA Dance Community


Fitness instructors Varita Wilson ( YouFit) and Laura Rodriquez (Zumba w/Laura) have been showing their support in the fitness world to help raise awareness through exercise and dance.  

Over the last 3 years they have raised thousands of dollars in effort to help heal our community. To get involved drop us a line and let's get the party started! 

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Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness Spa


Rockwall Wellness has a mission to play an active part in making this world a better place by unselfishly serving the public. We believe we can have a major impact on making people's lives happier and healthier through their use of our services and products.. 

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Rockwall Complete Healing and Wellness has partnered with WAWELA Cancer Support to provide educational meetups at their facilities. 

We provide healthy meal planning demonstrations along with natural ways to heal the body for individuals affected by cancer during and post treatment. 

Juicing made fun


Juicing is a great way to deliver the proper nutrients that our bodies are deficient in and lacking.

Contact Rockwall Complete Wellness or WAWELA Cancer Support sign up now to be added to our next demonstration class, a minimum of 12 participants is required.

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