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WAWELA Cancer Supports - Life Begins Here

 “WAWELA: Life Begins Here” is a community designed to be a sacred space for patients diagnosed with Cancer that are under insured, does not qualified for government support, loss of job income and very minimal support. We are HOPE! 

This is a HOME for a new beginning and a second chance at life! The community provides an environment full of compassion, love, care and peace of mind with all the essential facilities and therapy needed for recovery at no cost to the patient. The community will be designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable by being built with container homes: 

These homes will accommodate up to 10 guests at a time through the journey of recovery. A wellness center, fitness center, library, and many other communal facilities within the wellness community.

The community is designed with a work space where our guests can give birth to their passions and creations, that will be made available for sale through the WAWELA platform - with 100% of the proceed going back to the Wawela Wellness community. 

The facility encourages and gives the opportunity for patients completing recovery journey to being social enterprises and develop skills they are passionate about. 

The gift of Prevention

When you purchase our extensive 21-Day digital wellness program carefully targeting the enhancement of Mind, Body and Soul, you will receive access to a digital package with guidance from some of the greatest teachers and givers who have come together to share their educational material along with lifestyle improvement techniques for diet and fitness. In addition they will provide life enhancing tools and techniques to live a stress and anxiety free life.  Together we will not only eradicate a large number of cancer cases diagnosed each year but prevent many other diseases as well.

This is a holistic view which provides the steps that are crucial to be taken for a healthy lifestyle change and to prevent cancer.

#WVW2018 Phase 1 - $50,000

WAWELA's Virtual Walk 2018 (#WVW2018) 

WAWELA's Life Begins here transitional home

Step 1: Take the pledge

  •  A simple pledge of $10 per person or $5 per person for groups of 25 or more.

  • You will receive a digital 14 day wellness program along with a 3 day sample kit to help jump start your wellness journey.

Step 2: Get Ready for the #WVW2018 visit our online service/product page to jump start your wellness journey.

Step 3: Let's do this - Become an Ambassador for Wawela and be a "Messenger of Hope"

  1. Make a donation directly to WAWELA
  2. Tag 10 of your friends on FB or IG to take the pledge
  3. Spread the Message of Hope with as many as you can.

Select a designated location for you and your team to meet up, share your photos on IG & FB using the #WVW2018. 

Be the light! Be the cure!